Review Hosting Hostinger 12 Pros And 1 Cons
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With 15,000 new users signing up for their web hosting every day and over 29 million users using them. Surely Hostinger has done something great! Right? – That is the purpose of this Hostinger review. This review will go to find out what Hostinger has, but what advantages and disadvantages it has to pull such a large number of users.

We have just completed the speed and daring tests of test sites on Hostinger and are EYES to share these achievements with you. To reveal a little, our desire to find a company that provides high-speed wordpress website hosting solution has been successful. This is what most real users who own a website want.
Let’s find out with Toolinfor what’s so cool about Hostinger

By the way, we have also recommended some other web hosting providers. You are completely free to choose which web hosting company is best for you.




A long time ago, in a remote city in Kaunas, Lithuania, a small company called “Hosting Media” was born. Six years later, the company grew to 1 million users and changed its name to Hostinger.

Since then, Hostinger has not stopped growing. They have set up 7 data centers, attracting more than 29 million users from 178 countries – and showing no signs of slowing down!

First – when we did some company research, we found that out of the top 20 web hosting companies, Hostinger seems to be the most sought after host for many years.

According to Google Trends, Hostinger’s web traffic is not only growing the fastest, but their hosting is also the most searched by people around the world.

Hostinger has continuously upgraded its hardware and global reach, resulting in excellent results in our tests.




In this section, we give a brief overview of Hosting Hostinger so that readers can understand about the services, features and more information about Hostinger.


[table id=6 /]




In this article, we will evaluate 3 Hostinger premium Shared Hosting service packages in 3 locations corresponding to 3 different continents (Singapore-Asia, one in America-America, Europe) to see how responsive they are and whether these plans are right for you.


To ensure we had accumulated enough data to write this review, we created 3 test sites. The test site’s data centers are located on 3 continents (Asheville NC, Amsterdam and Singapore) so you can measure performance in the locations closest to your customers.


I’ve rambled on too much, now let’s go back to the reason why you read this article of mine:




There are many advantages of Hostinger that myself and many actual users are experiencing. But within the limits of this article, I only give 12 obvious advantages of Hostinger to customers.




You’ve probably never come across an easy-to-use web hosting service before, but I’ll show you that it is, in fact, possible.

There’s a bit of preference here, but mostly the dashboard uses a similar concept to Microsoft’s tiles. You can easily see categories or options as well as images that give a bit of insight if you are unsure about its functionality.


Use Hostinger easy with Hpanel
Use Hostinger easy with Hpanel


With these large buttons, you can find anything you need at any given time. They’re not trying to hide features or settings to keep your space looking cleaner. Instead, they have it all out there, so whatever you need is right at your fingertips.

If you have used another web hosting service in the past, you may miss cPanel. CPanel seems to be the only consistent feature among web hosting services, but many new users have a hard time navigating it and finding what they need.




We used our Hostinger US site to test speed stability with our proprietary server speed test tool, benchmarking against Google’s recommended speed of 200 ms and here are the results:


Hosting Hostinger us speed review
Hosting Hostinger us speed review


The speed test results for the test site at Hostinger US averaged 136 ms globally, easily placing them in the ranks of our premium A+ hosting services!

Next, we test the site using Hostinger Singapore to see how it responds to pings from around the world.


Hosting Hostinger Singapore speed review
Hosting Hostinger Singapore speed review


Singapore data center average speed: 168.9 ms
If you intend to source traffic in Asia, Australia or New Zealand markets, you will be pleased to know that Hostinger with Singapore data center has an amazingly fast response speed of 3 ms. The global average is 168.9 ms. Hostinger Singapore is rated A+ by us.

Last but not least, we also selected the website at Hostinger EU to evaluate for the rest of the 3 regions mentioned above.


Hosting Hostinger EU speed review
Hosting Hostinger EU speed review


Average speed of data centers in the Netherlands: 141.3 ms
If you intend to find traffic sources in the European market, Hostinger will be one of the fastest website hosting services that you should pay attention to. Speed 9 ms from London, really convinced me! Hostinger with data centers in Europe is also as fast as those in Singapore and the US, and the global average is 141.3 ms, also easily rated A+!

If our test results have you still concerned that locations far from their designated data centers have poor speeds. Actually it is quite normal because the data has to travel further to reach the destination.

This is not a problem as Hostinger has a total of 6 data centers globally, namely in the US, EU, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia (one more center is under construction in home country). Lithuania). Simply choose the data center closest to your users and they’ll enjoy lightning-fast website loading!






Very few websites attach importance to ensuring uptime index, but for Toolinfor this guarantee will contribute to building your website’s credibility or dispel any complaints about a web hosting service. Small business websites need uptime as high as possible, because when the web goes down means you lose potential sales revenue. When your website’s uptime index is low, it means that it will leave bad thoughts in the minds of customers. From there they will find a competitor website to click on

Prolonged downtime will cause websites to drop in Google rankings. This greatly affects the SEO index of your website. So you need to optimize everything to please the “hard-to-please Google dad”

Although some web hosting companies have a guarantee of uptime, there are a few web hosting service companies that describe it quite sketchy, with a clause like “payment will depend on our discretion”, which means they can choose NOT to compensate anything that they have confidently stated will GUARANTEE.

We carefully read Hostinger’s Terms of Service and found no such meaningless promises.


 Review service up time guarantee of web hosting hostinger
Review service up time guarantee of web hosting hostinger


If your site is up and running continuously below 99.9% uptime due to Hostinger’s fault, simply contact them for your 5% monthly service fee compensation.

With the most practical experience, we are very satisfied with Hostinger’s uptime.

But 99.9% is just a symbolic number, and in reality, the result is like this:


Review Uptime Hosting Hostinger
Review Uptime Hosting Hostinger




We are very pleased that Hostinger offers so many ways to improve page loading speed. One of them is the Cache Manager feature. Enabling this feature allows for faster load times and better speed improvements!

Instructions to enable Cache Manager feature

Go to hPanel and click “Manage” on the website you want to enable the feature on. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section. You should see “Cache Manager” listed in the list of options. Click on “Cache Manager”


Review set up cache manager Hostinger to improve speed
Review set up cache manager Hostinger to improve speed


Once inside, all you have to do is click the “Change” button and you will see the “Automatic Cache” button turn green, meaning it is On. Click “Purge All” again and you’re done!


Review set up cache manager Hosting Hostinger
Review set up cache manager Hosting Hostinger


We tested a test site using Hostinger’s service. The goal was to see if it works better with Cache Manager enabled, and here are the results:


Review test cache manager of Hosting Hostinger
Review test cache manager of Hosting Hostinger


Enable Cache Manager. Page load speed 0.673 seconds

Our test sites are installed by default, ultralight is not optimized, so there is not much for Cache Manager to do. However, the effect of Cache Manager will be amplified when the site has more content and images.






We use Hostinger’s premium Shared Hosting account, which means we’re provided with other good perks, all of which help improve site loading in one way or another. Here are some of our favorite benefits to share with you


  • Simple and fast installation with just 1 click


This feature makes it much more convenient to install your favorite apps. Goodbye to the era when we had to do everything ourselves. With this feature, you only need 1 click to install your favorite application.


  • Support PHP7


If you’re a programming engineer, you’ll be pleased to know that Hostinger supports PHP7! PHP7 is one of the biggest PHP releases over the past 10 years and it’s MUCH FASTER than the previous PHP5 version. In benchmark tests run with Drupal and WordPress, PHP7 easily reached twice as fast as PHP5.6.


  • Git support


Git is a very powerful tool that everyone must have heard of but not many people know its real use. In short, git is an open source version control system, created for developers to work together on projects quickly and efficiently, no matter how large or small.

Git is so popular that it is used by many major corporations around the world, like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and even Netflix!

It may not matter to you, but if you are going to hire a programming engineer for your small business soon, they will be happy to know that your web hosting service supports Git. It will make the problem-solving process a lot smoother!


  • WordPress Optimization


Hostinger’s shared hosting plans come bundled with the latest version of WordPress and are custom-optimized to provide the fastest loading speeds in the industry. Let me tell you, there must be a good reason for WordPress to dominate 30% of the websites on the internet (because they are too good!) So we strongly recommend using WordPress for small businesses.


  • Advanced NGINX Caching


Another reason to convince you to use WordPress with Hostinger is NGINX caching. It significantly boosts WordPress performance by speeding up static content loading through data streamlining.


  • HTTP/2


Also known as HTTP 2.0. It is the spiritual successor of HTTP1, and is also faster, more secure and easier to use.

HTTP/2 works by transmitting data over binary code which reduces data size and improves speed. Your users will feel a significant improvement in page load performance!




Hostinger is one of the very few web hosting companies brave enough to mess around with cPanel’s user interface. And most importantly they have created a very good interface.


Review excellent custom dashboard of Hosting Hostinger
Review excellent custom dashboard of Hosting Hostinger


With the famous hPanel, Hostinger’s custom control panel looks clean, easy to use and very intuitive. All the features are organized by categories and the icons are minimally designed as if you were using something very familiar. You get the feeling that there’s everything you need here and that it’s all in the right place. The interface is so intuitive that I think someone with no experience at all can still use hPanel quite effectively.

Giving out ten points to Hostinger’s UI & UX for their amazing custom dashboard. Bringing customers a very new and simple experience.




There are experiences with the support team of some web hosting companies that make people want to reach out over the phone to strangle the useless name on the other end of the line. There are also times when communication is pleasant, effective, and even downright wonderful. From our experience with Hostinger’s support team, we’re happy to say that they fall into the second, sweetest category listed above.

We didn’t get a chance to submit a support request (because the installation was so smooth) we just communicated via live chat to see how they reacted to some basic issues and We very impressive!

Not only did the support team respond to us almost instantly (we only waited a few seconds, which is great compared to having to wait almost 30 minutes at some other web hosting companies), they also have a great idea. awake, patient and HAPPY. They are ready to comfort you during this confusing time and support you every step of the way through your problems.

One of the coolest things Hostinger ever did was their support interface:


Support team of Hosting Hostinger
Support team of Hosting Hostinger


We can communicate using gifs and emojis (which some consider a gimmick, but we’ve found this can reduce confusion when dealing with complex issues). We can send attachments too! This is great because sometimes a photo is worth more than a thousand words of love.

We’re not the only ones talking enthusiastically about Hostinger’s support team




If you don’t know, let’s say that to start a website, you need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar and pay separately from the web hosting service. Small expenses like that can add up to quite a bit of money, and it can really affect small business owners, especially when they’re just starting out.

How helpful it is to get a free domain name from a web hosting company and Hostinger makes a difference supporting new entrepreneurs by giving a domain name for free!

The only thing to do with domains is that you should have WHOIS security (which helps keep all domain information secure) to protect your online identity. Some domain name registrars like Namecheap offer free WHOIS security, but not all domain registrars give it away for free. Usually you have to pay, and unfortunately Hostinger is among the paying cases.

But look on the bright side – you’ll get a FREE domain name! Paying an extra $5 a year for WHOIS security is too small a cost for what you get in return. What a worthy investment!






Most people think that all they need is an SSL certificate and everything else doesn’t matter. However, that is a misconception as you need more security measures than that to protect your website and that is something Hostinger understands and offers to their users. Let’s say your website system is the main source of income for you and one day a hacker asks you. What will you think.

Bitninja is included in all the best options with the security system that a website needs. It’s a combo of all-in-one real-time protection that blocks XSS, DDoS, malware, scripting, brute force, and other automated attacks.

Hostinger also offers every plan with SpamAssassin, which is an email spam filter that automatically scans and removes spam.

All plans come with:


  • SSL Certificate
  • Cloud protection
  • Daily backup for weekly data backup
  • Smart Security Guard BitNinja
  • SpamAssassin Protection




If everything in the above list isn’t impressive enough, let’s add that Hostinger’s Premium plan continues to impress with its unlimited feature list. Let’s take a look at some of the salient features.


  • Unlimited Websites


With only 1 account, Hostinger allows you to build unlimited websites comfortably!


  • Unlimited Bandwidth


With Hostinger’s Premium plan, you don’t have to worry about website downtime due to spikes in traffic. You are given unlimited bandwidth so you can serve as many users as you want!


  • Unlimited Emails


As I mentioned that the costs of running a small online business can add up to a sizable chunk of expenses. Email service is one of those costs. Luckily, with the Premium plan, we can create an unlimited number of email addresses to suit our needs, all stored in an unlimited SSD!


  • CronJobs


Gone are the days when you had to meticulously plan your CronJob (a function that automatically schedules certain jobs) just because you were limited by a certain number of Cronjobs. Hostinger’s Premium plan offers unlimited Cronjobs for you to place orders freely!




Last but not least, Hostinger’s starting price is really what sets this web hosting company apart from the competition. This makes competitors in the same industry afraid.

Hostinger has almost all of the same features as a premium web hosting service, but for a fraction of the price; Their Premium plan is only $2.59/month and their Entry Level Single plan is only $1.39/month. For comparison, you can pay premium web hosting providers from as high as $6.99/month for similar specs and performance.

In terms of value, we rate that Hostinger offers one of the best benefits for you to experience especially for beginners! It is necessary to calculate the cost very strictly to be able to optimize in all aspects




In addition to a very impressive range of products, Hostinger recently added a website builder. Zyro targets the least experienced users and takes the simple concept to a whole new level.


Zyro offers a more holistic experience. They simplify the basic website builder and add external features to help users build complete websites quickly. Features include auto-generated content, streamlined design, and more.


  • Writing content with artificial intelligence
  • Heat map by artificial intelligence
  • Logo & Slogan Creation
  • Huge Image Gallery (FREE!)




With the things listed so far, we would really like to choose Hostinger as our web hosting service but it would be unrealistic to say that they have no flaws at all. Here are a few things that leave us unsatisfied.




It’s painful to learn they lack this feature. We are so used to having daily backups when using other web hosting services, so it feels a bit insecure to lack it.

It’s also pretty good that you can buy this feature for $0.95/month. But it’s too bad it doesn’t come with a free account, think of it this way – Hostinger’s entry price is the lowest on the market. They deserve a little extra money on certain features.




Hostinger has a variety of web hosting prices suitable for all types of users, from bloggers, large and small companies to businesses.




This is a very affordable web host when compared to other shared web hosts out there. You can also learn more about the companies that provide this service here

Here are three of their shared hosting prices and features listed below:


[table id=7 /]




Hostinger’s SURPRISE CHEAP starting prices make it accessible to all customers! But a little apprehensive is that you have to buy a subscription for 48 months. This is also not a problem if you are determined for a long-term goal. If you are persistent enough to use this shared hosting service for 3 years or more, then this will be a significant savings for your business.

This is a price that is almost impossible to beat by the major competitors out there




They recently launched a new cloud storage service and it’s pretty amazing. That’s the web hosting service I recommend and what makes my test site load in just 0.8 seconds.

Basically, they created a powerful combination of two services (shared web hosting and VPS hosting) and called it enterprise hosting. This service combines the power of a dedicated server with the easy-to-use hPanel (short for Hostinger Control Panel).

So it basically runs on VPS plans without having to care about all the backend stuff.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting plans are as easy to use and simple as shared hosting plans, except they come with more powerful features. Looks like they have combined the best features from VPS and Shared Hosting to create a great Cloud Hosting plan.

You get free daily backups, free SSL for life, embedded dedicated IP with Cloudflare security technology… it works basically. With 24/7 dedicated support, you don’t have to worry about the backend (servers, applications and databases), because Hostinger takes care of all of that for you.


[table id=8 /]




All Hostinger Cloud hosting package prices have hPanel & are fully managed, enthusiastic support

Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans give you the power of a dedicated server without much engineering to succeed, delivering high speed and reliability.

All in all, cloud Hostinger is a very powerful hosting with no technical skills required as it is fully managed by a dedicated 24/7 support team that will ease you every step of the way.




Those looking for VPS Hosting (virtual server) will enjoy Hostinger’s excellent VPS options. Advertised as up to 30% faster than most standard shared hosting and with no downtime, it’s understandable that Hostinger’s VPS hosting is so appealing to business-class users.

Hostinger’s VPS hosting plans are quite similar to Cloud Hosting accounts, the main difference is in the back end management. Cloud Hosting users enjoy fully managed service, while VPS customers get root access, meaning more customization. Of course, this power comes at the expense of the user having to manually do all the updating and maintenance of the server.




Perhaps the most common question is about Hostinger’s refund policy. They offer a 30 day Money Back guarantee and unlike other web hosting services that make it difficult for you to get any form of refund, you can contact them and tell them that you’ve decided it’s not right for you.

Of course, they’ll ask you questions, but you won’t feel like they’re trying to sell their products to you mechanically.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is hassle-free. This makes it a great choice for new bloggers or small business people who have low capital or are not very technical about websites.

Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions:




Registering a domain name is offered for free if you sign up for the Annual Business plan or the Premium shared hosting plan.




They accept most major credit cards, as well as PayPal, Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies.




Yes, it’s a good web host for online stores because they offer free SSL certificates, as well as fast servers and security features to ensure your online store loads quickly and securely




Hostinger offers an industry standard 99.9% uptime guarantee. If they don’t meet this level of service, you can claim a 5% credit towards your monthly hosting fee.




Yes, they fully support WordPress blogs and websites. They offer 1-click WordPress installation through the control panel.




All of them! That’s right, every feature Hostinger has to offer is available to you. The top two web hosting plans are well worth the investment if you are starting a business or looking to create a website that will see a lot of traffic.


You will get unlimited email accounts at no cost. You will also have the following great features:


  • Email auto reply
  • Account Activation and Deactivation
  • Provide forwarding emails to customers
  • Spam filtering
  • There are many more great features, but the features listed here are beneficial to all users. If you are looking for a great feature set, the Premium plan or the Cloud plan is your best bet.


You can also be sure to find these features on every plan, including the $1.39 per month plan


  • SSL Support
  • SSD Server
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Protection against malware
  • Email Accounts
  • Free website and domain builder
  • FTP account
  • Switch website
  • More than 200 website templates
  • Automatic Script Installer
  • Select server location


These features make them stand out from other web hosting services because they include more features at a lower price.






If you want to save costs and have a long-term goal in mind, then you should try Hostinger. Because Hostinger’s trial pricing is almost unbeatable in the industry.

Above is all that I have researched hard to review for you to read in full about Hostinger.




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