How to edit a pdf file in Canva pdf editor
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Did you know Canva can also edit pdf files?

So how to edit a pdf file in Canva?

If you are looking to edit a PDF file but still do not know what is the fastest and free way, then read this article through slowly.

And this is where the Canva PDF editor will help you!

Canva now supports editing a pdf file on mobile devices as well.

At the time of this writing, Canva’s pdf editor remains free for all account types. That means you only need to sign up for a free account on Canva to be able to use this feature. It’s great, isn’t it?

The big news is that you can now import and edit PDFs online even on the free plan. This feature is currently only supported on the web version but it could be a big step forward for Canva and also for PDF file editing.


No more rambling, let’s get started right away!




Canva currently still allows you to edit PDF files for free on the Canva pfd editor feature. They will divide the elements contained in your pdf file so that you can easily change or edit them with the PDF file editor. That is, the front text, image formats, GIL are separated for you to easily manipulate.

You can also add your favorite animations, GIFs or music to convert your PDFs into videos or presentations. A very flexible and easy-to-operate feature, isn’t it?

However, if you want to add quality animations, GILs or music, you must use Canva Pro. Don’t worry too much! Currently Canva Pro is offering a 30-day free trial. Just click here to sign up for that Canva Pro trial.



How Canva pdf editor works
How Canva pdf editor works

When you upload a PDF you need to edit in Canva, the editor will try to identify and match any text, images, layouts, font styles, and more in the PDF you just uploaded. And turn those into a CUSTOMIZED design element. Freely add, arrange, change, edit text, images, font styles, colors,…and even insert animated graphics. You can do so much more by annotating pages with comments or drawing lines and signatures without switching back and forth between different tools.


Here are detailed and intuitive step-by-step instructions for you to follow how to edit a pdf file on Canva using the desktop!




Here’s how to edit a PDF file online in Canva (the most detailed and intuitive):


After signing up for a free account or a Canva Pro trial account, open the Canva homepage, click the “Create Design Button” button in the top right corner, and select “Import PDF” to select the account. Your data comes from files stored on your desktop.


How to edit a pdf on Canva step by step
How to edit a pdf on Canva step by step.


Select the Create design button for the optional features drop-down menu. Find the icon that says Import file and select your PDF file to edit


Import file PDF on Canva
Import file PDF on Canva


The 2nd way you can do it. That’s what you see on the Canva main interface with an Upload button below your Profile image. Click on it and upload the pdf file you need to edit.


Upload a file pdf on Canva editor
Upload a file pdf on Canva editor




After you have uploaded or imported the file to Canva, drag your mouse down and look for the “Recent design” section to see your pdf file appear first. Click on that thumbnail and start editing.


Find file after upload or import on Canva
Find file after upload or import on Canva


Or you choose in the “Project” section to find the pdf file you just uploaded, then click the thumbnail to start editing. Usually after you upload a file it will always come first, so it’s easy to find and edit a pdf file in Canva




Proceed to edit your PDF file according to the purpose. You can customize the size, text, images, graphics, and other elements. If you want more professional and beautiful Ingredient to make your editing work to the fullest then you should sign up for a Canva Pro account (sincere advice)



Use more ingredient to edit PDF on Canva
Use more ingredient to edit PDF on Canva


I don’t know how professional and creative you are. But with all the ingredients that Canva Pro has to offer, it’s more than enough to make everything.

With the huge inventory of materials that Canva Pro provides, you can already add animations, GILs, unique fronts or even music to turn it into a great presentation. You can even convert PDF files to cards, brochures, and more.




Compress your PDF file after the editing is satisfied using JPEG, PNG, SVG, MP4, GIL or PDF video again. Do this by clicking “Share” in the top right corner and selecting “Download


Share and download file pdf after edit on Canva
Share and download file pdf after editing on Canva


You can also share your final work on social media or as a presentation, web page…


Share on social networks after editing pdf
Share on social networks after editing pdf


How do you feel about the desktop Canva pdf editor?


In fact, I used Canva as my primary software for designing my Pinterest pins. From there look for opportunities how to make money on Pinterest

Above is my most detailed guide on how to edit a pdf file on Canva. If you’re a fan of Canva’s features on mobile, read on! Because here I will show you how to edit a pdf file in Canva for mobile




I didn’t intend to share this part at first, because most Canva users edit designs on the desktop. Because on it we can edit the easiest and most intuitive way. But to make this article most complete, I still share more about how to edit pdf files on Canva using mobile devices.


Steps to access the Canva PDF editor on your mobile:




Open your Canva app on your mobile device

In the “Menu” select the “Project” tab and then click on the top right corner (3 icon “” ). Canva will present 4 options: View as List, New Folder, Upload and Import from App.


Open menu on Canva
Open menu on Canva


Click Projects


Choose projects
Choose projects


Four options are displayed. Select Upload and browse to find PDFs on your mobile device.


4 options for you
4 options for you


Alternatively, you can choose to click “Import from App“, then choose from Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox (where you saved the pdf to be edited) to upload to the Canva pdf editor.

Select the application where you saved the file to edit, then log in to connect and import find your PDF file.


Import from apps to edit pdf in Canva
Import from apps to edit pdf in Canva




Then scroll down to find your uploaded PDF files, click to open and edit them (there are many limited features that are limited on Canva pdf editor on mobile devices)

Next you can customize the words, graphics, colors, text as you like.


Step 3:


Once the edit is complete, you can save the edit and also share it on social networking sites just like on the desktop Canva pdf editor.


Saved download or share your editing in Canva pdf editor
Saved download or share your editing in Canva pdf editor


Once again: Many Canva pdf editor features on mobile devices are limited. Furthermore if you want to use some premium options like “Add tags” you need to create a Canva Pro account.


Above is how to edit a pdf file in the latest updated Canva. And in the process of using Canva pdf editor compared to other tools or software outside, I have come up with some pros and cons of Canva pdf editor. Stay for about 30 seconds to take a look to see if it has anything better!




  • Free Online PDF Editor
  • Easy-to-use PDF editing tool
  • Edit PDF content quickly
  • Merge PDF files and organize pages easily
  • Split, insert, extract PDF pages
  • Edit PDF files from any device
  • Send and share PDF files easily
  • Suitable for many subjects and industries
  • Various and unique features (branding sets, automatic backups, cloud storage…)




  • Canva pdf editor only accepts a maximum PDF file size of 15 MB.
  • PDF files upload up to 15 pages.
  • No soft masks, shading, professional tile styles, JPEG 2000 or JBIG images, and color filters.


These are all ways to help you edit a pdf file in Canva easily and intuitively




Is Canva PDF File Editor Really Free?

Sure! All account types can upload, customize, and share their PDF documents for free. However, you should sign up for a free 30-day Canva Pro trial account to get the most out of your work.


On Windows and Mac is it possible to use Canva pdf editor?

Sure! The Canva online PDF editor is available through the Canva desktop app. It’s also available on your browser

To write this article, I also learned a lot and did not forget to use the help of AI writing assistant software.


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