Getresponse Review (2023): The Best Email Marketing Software for Anyone

Getresponse comparing email marketing
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In this in-depth GetResponse review, I take a look at a well-known email marketing solution and drill down into all its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business…or should you use an alternative?

Getresponse review
Getresponse review


What Is GetResponse?


GetResponse is an email marketing app that allows you to:

  • Create a mailing list and capture data onto it

  • Send e-newsletters to the subscribers on your list

  • Automate your email marketing using ‘autoresponders’

  • View and analyse statistics related to your email campaigns – open rate, click through, forwards etc.

Founded in Poland in 1998, the company’s initial focus was firmly on making it easy to send e-newsletters. In recent years however, GetResponse has shifted its emphasis considerably — the product now aims to be more of an ‘all-in-one’ e-commerce and online marketing solution, rather than a ‘traditional’ email marketing tool.

Accordingly, in addition to email marketing features, GetResponse now also provides a website builder, chat features, ecommerce features, webinar hostinglanding pages and automated sales funnels.




GetResponse Pricing


There are six pricing plans:

  • Getresponse Free— this free plan lets you use a cut-down version of Getresponse indefinitely, so long as your list remains under 500 records in size.
  • Email Marketing — this starts at $19 per month and lets you send an unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Marketing Automation — starting at $59 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Ecommerce Marketing — starting at $119 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Max – custom pricing
  • Max2 — custom pricing.

As you add more subscribers to your list, your costs increase. At the top end of the scale, you can expect to pay $539, $599 or $699 per month to use GetResponse with a list containing 100,000 subscribers on the ‘Email Marketing,’ ‘Marketing Automation’ and ‘Ecommerce Marketing’ plans respectively.


Getresponse Pricing
Review Getresponse Pricing


With regard to the ‘Max’ and ‘Max2‘ plans, these are more ‘enterprise level’ offerings that provide advanced features (more on these in a moment). With these plans, exact pricing depends on requirements and list size — if you’re interested in using either of them, you’ll need to contact GetResponse to schedule a demo, discuss your needs and negotiate pricing.


GetResponse ‘Max’ plans
GetResponse ‘Max’ plans


Decent discounts are available if you pay upfront for 1 or 2 years of service —18% and 30% respectively.

You can try the paid-for plans out for 30 days for free,via a trial that you can access here.


Pros And Cons Of Getresponse


  • I like that it offers very original templates and that I can play with the theme of the particular campaign.
  • I can get a quantified and detailed report of the processes I am working on.
  • The statistics system it has is very detailed and accurate.
  • The interface is elegant and extremely easy to use.
  • I have no complaints about GetResponse; I can do everything quickly, productively, and efficiently.
Pros and Cons of Getresponse
Pros and Cons of Getresponse




Key Insights 


Do you think GetResponse delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with GetResponse’s feature set?


Did GetResponse live up to sales and marketing promises?


Did implementation of GetResponse go as expected?


Would you buy GetResponse again?



Easy-To-Use Interface


Tools of getresponse
Tools of getresponse


Overall, GetResponse is quite user-friendly and simple. This was not always the case, but its interface has been redesigned over the past few years and it is now very easy to use, with key features easily accessible.

A fairly simple drop-down menu gives you access to all the core features of Getresponse. And thanks to the “utilities library” (pictured below), you can customize the GetResponse dashboard so that your most frequently used tools/data are easily accessible.


Widget library getresponse
Widget library getresponse


Getresponse Customer Support Review


Getresponse customer support used to be one of the most comprehensive email marketing tools available — the company offered phone support along with live chat support, email support as well as various online resources and tutorials.

Unfortunately, phone support is now discontinued (unless you’re on an enterprise-grade “Max 2” plan). You will have to use live chat (24/7) or email support instead.

On the plus side, I’ve had extremely good experiences with GetResponse’s chat service — I’ve never had to wait long to chat with an agent, and anyone I’ve dealt with has had a really solid technical knowledge of this platform.

And the great thing is that Getresponse has many languages to easily reach more customers around the world. Specifically, with 24 languages, you absolutely use this tool to the fullest.


24 languages of Getresponse support
24 languages of Getresponse support




Review Getresponse Features


Getresponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform that helps businesses grow their audience, engage their customers, and drive more sales. Getresponse offers a suite of powerful tools to make online marketing easy and effective, including:

  • A customizable email marketing platform with a wide range of features, including autoresponders, landing pages, and a powerful email builder
  • A powerful and user-friendly marketing automation tool to help you automate your marketing tasks and grow your business
  • A comprehensive set of tools to help you create and track surveys, webinars, and other lead generation campaigns
  • A set of powerful tools to help you manage your online sales and marketing funnels

Getresponse is an affordable, all-in-one online marketing platform that offers everything you need to grow your business online. Get started today and see the results for yourself!

Compared to other email marketing tools, GetResponse comes with a huge feature set – even in the low-end basic plans.

The platform offers all the key features you would expect of an email marketing platform – list hosting, templates, autoresponders, analytics, and more, but as mentioned above, close Here it has expanded its feature set to become an all-in-one e-commerce and marketing solution.

Let’s dive into its features to find out.


Review Getresponse Email Marketing


Design your first email in the most detail with GetResponse. They studied the user experience and came up with the fastest and most complete email generation system in the shortest time. I was able to set up my first email within 10 minutes and it was really convincing and professional


Design Your First Email With GetResponse


Once you’ve created a free account, you can immediately start designing your professional email. Click “Create template” and you’ll be greeted by over 180 most professional email templates. That’s a really good start, isn’t it my friend. And don’t forget to choose a template that suits your industry and personality.


Create template email marketing of Getresponse
Create template email marketing of Getresponse


Email Marketing Template GetResponse has 6 categories of email templates. For example, you can “educate, promote, welcome…” to your customers. Assuming you like an email template, hit “save” and it will show up in the ‘My Templates’ tab for later reuse. You can also create a variety of Email Marketing Template templates by topic once and save it forever.

After choosing a template, you start customizing your email in the email builder.


Categories of Getresponse Email marketing Review
Categories of Getresponse Email marketing Review


The GetResponse email editor is packed with features but never overwhelming. And what’s more important is that it’s very simple to practice redesigning your chosen email template. All editing options are displayed as you need them. So it’s all very intuitive and simplified for you

Lovers of old-fashioned HTML code can start based on HTML design or code from scratch, but that’s completely unnecessary. It’s good that Getresponse also has an option for custom HTML blocks inside the drag and drop template builder.




Drag And Drop Email Editor Options


If you have used some design tools like Canva, ladipage,…then you will find Getresponse’s Email Editor is also very simple to use. Simply drag and drop, drag and drop.
In the layout section, you choose the structure and look of your email according to the subject you want. Set up as many columns as you want, base colors, etc. The main editing is done by dragging and dropping the Content Block.

You can add:

  • Image, Text and Button
  • Videos (youtube-ish!)
  • Whitespace and margins
  • Social sharing links and
  • Custom HTML

In the email editor I really like the feature of Getresponse that you can save blocks and sections. I always use the same layouts for headers, footers, and some text/image combinations. So in my next email design, I save a lot of time by reusing them.

Adding videos and images is very simple. You can drag and drop your images or browse from GetResponse’s free (!)

For videos, just enter the link (Youtube) and it will show up embedded in the email.

The surprises don’t stop there. In the Ecommerce tab, you can add products to emails from your online store. As long as you link to your e-commerce platform like Shopify, the products are right there. You can also add a “recommended products” section to get that extra hit and drive more conversions.


The Final Step To Setting Up Your Email Marketing


On a single page, you create an entire email. Just like sending a regular email, you also have to add the subject line, the recipient’s email address and select the appropriate email list to send.


Write email marketing on platform getresponse
Write email marketing on platform getresponse


The cool thing about GetResponse email marketing is that it allows you to track interactions across the eCommerce platform:

You can track what your readers do after they click your email link. Click tracking works with the GetResponse tracking snippet and integrates with Google Analytics.

With eCommerce tracking, you can see which campaigns are effective to increase your budgets to drive revenue and sales.

If you want to write a longer marketing email and don’t get stuck, you can combine some software that supports automatic writing by AI.


Review Getresponse Autoresponders


Getresponse Autoresponders
Getresponse Autoresponders


An autoresponder is an email sent to your subscribers during the time period you choose.

For example, you can set them up to take care of them on a schedule

  • As soon as someone subscribes to your contact list, they will receive a welcome message from your business.
  • A week later, they receive a discount on some of your products or services
  • Three weeks later, they get an incentive to follow you on social media.

In general, your potential customers will be taken care of by you based on a previously set schedule.
In addition, holidays in a year are also an opportunity for you to take better care of your email messages


Getresponse Autoresponder Sequence Example
Getresponse Autoresponder Sequence Example


GetResponse’s autoresponder is one of the most important sales enablers – it offers some of the most comprehensive autoresponder functionality available.

You can use the GetResponse autoresponder to send time-based or action-based messages – time-based options include cycles like the example above and system will notify you back based on the ACTION or FORM left by the user, for example:

  • Open,
  • Click,
  • Subscribe to specific lists,
  • Change in contact preferences,
  • Completed transactions/goals,
  • Birthday,
  • Changes in user data.




Landing Page Builder


Getresponse landing page builder is free to use in all plans that Getresponse has offered to users. The landing page builder currently offers 198 templates under different themes. Honestly, I will only choose the latest 100 models, some of them are so old and outdated that they don’t feel professional anymore.


Review templates of getresponse landing pages
Review templates of getresponse landing pages


Once you’ve chosen a landing page template you like, you can start editing. A different editing experience than email builder, but still simple drag and drop

The one-column menu on the right has all the drag-and-drop tools like text, images, videos, buttons, etc., which are needed for a basic landing page.

Initially, I thought I wanted the icons to be clearly named. But after doing a bit of digging, you’ll quickly know what ingredients are needed and where to get them.

What I like about Getresponse’s landing page builder is that you can create A/B variations of your landing page from the very beginning. The top left corner of this tool allows you to create as many variations as you want, along with forms and thank you pages.


Set Up Landing Page


Once you’ve designed your landing page. You can add SEO settings, URLs, and email lists to that landing page.

Next is probably my favorite part. For your email, you set up web ACTIONS and ANALYSIS for your landing pages. You can choose the analytics platform that’s right for you to track your built-in landing pages. GetResponse integrates with all these tools such as: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Kissmetrics, etc.

That’s it, Getresponse’s landing page builder is all set up. Of course, some specialized landing page creation software has more novel and professional features. If GetResponse could refresh their generator a bit and add more templates, they would be on par with other tools. But to be fair, the features that Getresponse brings to users in such a landing page builder is also great and complete. Personally, I won’t need another company’s tools.

Another reason I’ll still stick with this GetResponse is because you can link your landing pages to other campaigns like webinars, funnels, and automation.

Other GetResponse features worth mentioning are:
SMS Marketing, Web Push Notifications, Paid Advertising and Livechat

So, in addition to email marketing, GetResponse is also very powerful with the other features mentioned above. It allows you to set up complete funnels to convert visitors into leads. And one thing to consider that being an email marketing platform, you have to look at the pricing plans and customer support of that company. With Getresponse, I still affirm that it is a great tool by ALL-IN-ONE


Forms And Popups Of Getresponse (New Feature)


Review forms and popups of getresponse
Review forms and popups of getresponse


Recently, Getresponse has updated the function to create Forms and Popups very professionally. Just like the features for building websites or creating landing pages, the tool for creating Forms and Popups is as simple as choosing templates and dragging and dropping, dragging and dropping. Very simple, right.

Getresponse Marketing Automation Tools Review


Getresponse Automation tools
Getresponse Automation tools


In addition to Getresponse’s “drip” autoresponders reviewed above, the Company offers a more sophisticated option to automatically sort emails.

This is called “Marketing Automation” and you can only use it when you purchase “Plus” plans and above.

This feature allows you to create automation workflows using a drag-and-drop editor – you essentially set up an “automation diagram” that instructs GetResponse what to do if a user opens an offer specific row, clicking a certain link, etc. In general, it is designed like a sales funnel mindset.


Automation Marketing of Getresponse
Automation Marketing of Getresponse


My score for GetResponse automation is 9/10. It takes some time to get used to all the possibilities. But once you do, you have the ability to build complete customer journeys. Create your own automations, build customer profiles and personalize emails.

With GetResponse, you can automate the following features:

Leadership Qualifications
Engage and Retain
Notice after purchase
Abandoned Cart Trigger
Webinars and online courses
Sales promotion, and
affiliate marketing

These are just a few examples. With ready-made automation templates combined with your own, you can build your own marketing automation system with high accuracy and efficiency.






GetResponse offers a good range of analytics and reporting options.

You get all the basics of course — open rate, click-through, unsubscribe rates and so on — but in addition to that, there are some very nifty reporting features that are worth a particular mention, namely:

  • one-click retargeting‘: a way to easily identify people who engaged or didn’t engage with a particular newsletter, and send them an appropriate follow-up

  • email ROI‘: by adding some tracking code to your post-sales page on your site, you can find out how effectively (or not!) your email campaigns are driving sales, and work out your return on investment in email marketing.

  • per-user information — you can click on one of your subscribers and see where they signed up from, where they’re located and which emails they’ve opened in the past.

  • e-newsletter performance comparison — you can compare the performance of two e-newsletters side-by-side really easily.

Mailchimp and AWeber offer some similar reporting functionality — particularly where sales tracking is concerned— but GetResponse’s reporting tool is definitely one of more fully-featured out there.


Getresponse review analytics
Getresponse review analytics


Review Website Builder Of Getresponse


This feature allows you to create a website in the GetResponse interface and connect it to a domain name you own (you can also purchase your domain through GetResponse if you wish). You can also hire your own website hosting service through 5 companies that I mentioned in another article

The website builder templates are pretty good – but since everything is new the tool is pretty basic, only allowing you to create simple, static pages.


Website builder of Getresponse
Website builder of Getresponse


Getresponse Website Builder will give you 2 options to build a website from pre-built templates or with their ‘Ai Powered Builder’. With an AI-powered webiste builder, you have to answer a few questions and GetResponse will automatically create a personalized website based on the information you’ve written down.

  • Other website building options include:
  • Widgets (forms, chat boxes, pricing tables, etc.)
  • Website colors and themes
  • Add logos and images

After messing around with the builder in just 3 minutes, I was able to create a website homepage with minimal effort.

In this section you can also choose the theme templates you want


Template for build website of getresponse
Template for build website of getresponse


Getresponse’s website builder allows you to edit everything on the site based on the existing platform. You can change the font, text size, add/remove images, reposition elements, adjust padding, and more.

There is a separate menu for adding and editing pages on the website you create. You can adjust the navigation bars, headers and footers. Template-based website editor with drag and drop custom display is simple to operate

The menus look exactly like the email editor and landing page.




Review GetResponse Chats


Review Getresponse Chats
Review Getresponse Chats


With the goal of being an “all-in-one” digital marketing solution, GetResponse has now added a “chats” feature that adds live chat functionality to your website (or a feature you already know). created through GetResponse’s new website builder feature or your own website). This feature is available on the “Plus” plan and above.
To enable GetResponse Chats, you add a piece of code to your website, which will then show a live chat option to your website visitors.
This is a pretty nifty little feature that, when used properly, can help you increase your conversion rate.

However, for all of these features there is a trade-off that can have a negative impact on page load times.

This affects the customer experience on your website.

But there are a lot of cases where this tool would be very useful, so it is certainly a great addition to GetResponse’s feature set and will provide real value to users.


The Final Review Of Getresponse


Overall, GetResponse represents one of the more cost-effective ways to host and market with email databases. It’s priced competitively in its market and is also one of the more interesting email marketing products we’ve tested. It is worth mentioning that Getresponse is not only for e-newsletters but it also supports e-commerce, sales funnels, live chat, push notifications and webinars, website builder, landing pages, forms, popups,…




It’s hard to think of any competitive email marketing solution that offers quite a few ALL-IN-ONE solutions like Getresponse. This makes it especially suitable for small business owners who don’t have the budget to invest in multiple tools. If you are just starting an online business, don’t hesitate to try Getresponse.

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