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Do you adore dogs? Would you love to make a living while indulging in your fondness for canines? Then, dog walking is your answer!

With the advent of gig economy jobs, dog walking apps have become the most convenient way of finding paid dog walking opportunities.

These apps bridge the gap between dog owners who need their furry friends to be walked and individuals who are passionate about dogs and willing to walk them for a fee.


Before exploring apps or websites that provide dog walking services, please answer the following question:





Top 8 dog walking apps that can help you get paid for walking dogs
Top 8 dog walking apps that can help you get paid for walking dogs


Pet owners in urban and suburban areas often require professional dog walking services to care for their furry friends.

People seek out these services for reasons like being occupied with work or social engagements during the day or evening.

Additionally, some pet owners may need extended care for their dogs while traveling, or they may not have enough time to walk them themselves.

Nevertheless, because pet owners love their dogs, they are typically willing to pay handsomely for the services of a professional dog walker.


And this is your time to show up!





Walking the dog for money
Walking the dog for money


A dog walker is not simply “walking the dog for money” but they need to do more than that.

When working as a dog walker, there are various responsibilities to keep in mind, such as planning routes and outings, ensuring the dog’s safety and cleanliness, and managing scheduling, lockboxes, client bookings, and payments.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in dog walking must have a complete understanding of what the job entails.

However, there’s no need to worry, as dog walking apps have made it easier to streamline all of these responsibilities in one place, making the entire process much more manageable and straightforward.

By taking advantage of these apps, you can simplify your dog walking business and focus on providing excellent service to your clients.

Here are the top dog walking apps that can help you get paid for walking dogs:





Rover is a popular platform that provides pet-sitting and dog walking services through its website and app. It is the world’s most extensive network of pet sitters and dog walkers.

With over 1 million pet owners using the platform every month in all 50 US states and nine other countries.

As a dog walker on Rover, you can take advantage of the site’s strong brand recognition, making it the go-to choice for pet owners seeking dog walking services.

This means you have the highest odds of finding the perfect opportunity to make money while walking dogs.

Getting started with Rover is easy. Simply sign up, complete a background check, and you’re good to go.

You can set your own rates and schedule, and Rover provides a secure system for receiving payments. Your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account two days after completing a walk.

While Rover takes a 20% commission on every sale, they provide a range of benefits in exchange, such as 24/7 customer support, pet education resources, and live vet advice during dog walks.

Moreover, they offer the Rover Guarantee, which is an insurance program that covers vet care and accidental damage to the pet owner’s home.

This is an essential feature that provides both pet owners and walkers with peace of mind in the unpredictable world of dog walking.





Wag! is another popular app for dog walkers, often dubbed as “the Uber for dog walking”.

It operates in over 8,000 cities across 50 US states, providing dog walking services to pet owners in various areas.

To join the platform, prospective walkers must pass a knowledge test on pet care and safety, as well as undergo a background check that costs $25.

Once approved, walkers can set their own schedules and earn money on a weekly basis through the Payable app.

However, compared to Rover, Wag! takes a significant 40% cut of walkers’ earnings.

While the app offers the option to purchase independent insurance plans at discounted rates, it lacks a comprehensive guarantee like the Rover Guarantee.

Walkers can receive tips from customers, which are not subject to the 40% commission, allowing them to earn additional income.

Nonetheless, for those looking to make dog walking a full-time job, the high commission rate might not be the most lucrative option.





Fetch! is an established dog walking service that has been in operation since 2002. Unlike Rover and Wag!, Fetch! operates through local franchise owners throughout the US.

If you want to find out if there is a Fetch! franchise in your area, simply enter your zip code on their website.

To become a dog walker with Fetch!, you need to complete an online application and undergo a background check.

After that, you will go through an extensive interview process with your local franchise owner.

This means it may take longer and require more effort to start with Fetch!. But their locally-based approach might be suitable for some people.

The benefits of working for Fetch! include a more personal approach, with franchise owners working closely with their walkers to establish relationships with customers.

Additionally, Fetch! provides support to franchise owners in the form of a comprehensive training program and access to a network of professionals with experience in the pet care industry.

By joining the Fetch! team, you can establish yourself as a local dog walker and build a loyal customer base in your area.





Care.com is a trusted provider of care services for children, the elderly, and pets to over 35 million members across 20 countries and all 50 states in the United States.

For those interested in working as a dog walker, applying to Care.com is simple – all you need to do is submit your zip code and pass a background check.

Once you’re accepted, you can begin booking dog walking jobs as frequently or infrequently as you like.

One unique aspect of Care.com is that they do not take any commission from their workers.

Additionally, their basic membership tier is entirely free, making it an affordable option for those just starting out.

However, if you’re looking to make a career out of dog walking with Care.com, you’ll need to upgrade to their premium membership to fully access all the site’s features.

With a premium membership, starting at $13 per month for a year or $39 for one month, you’ll have access to more tools to communicate with a wider range of potential customers, making it easier to secure bookings.

Furthermore, Care.com will promote your profile in local searches, potentially increasing your exposure and opportunities.

In summary.

Care.com is an excellent platform for anyone looking to provide high-quality dog walking services, with an easy application process and a range of features to support your career.





Petbacker is a globally recognized company that operates in 50 countries across different continents, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

The company’s widespread presence signifies its global appeal and reach.

However, beyond its geographic coverage, Petbacker is equally renowned for the quality of its services.

The company offers a premium insurance coverage plan for all services rendered through its site, which guarantees the safety of pets and their owners.

Moreover, Petbacker recognizes and rewards the dedication and commitment of its dog walkers.

The company issues badges to its best walkers based on their performance and achievements, which provides an easy way for them to showcase their ability to potential customers and increase their earnings.

Petbacker provides an opportunity for individuals to earn money by walking dogs, and the company charges a fee of 25% of the walker’s earnings initially.

However, this fee can be reduced to 15% as walkers gain experience and become more proficient in their job.


It’s worth noting that becoming a dog walker for Petbacker isn’t an easy feat, as only 30% of applicants make the cut.

Nonetheless, successful applicants can enjoy the benefits of working with a reputable company that places a premium on quality service delivery, thereby gaining invaluable experience and exposure in the process.





Paway is not just another mobile app; it’s a social network exclusively for dogs, created by a co-founder of Wag.

For dog owners, it’s a platform that helps them connect with other dog owners in their area for playdates and walks.

For dog walkers, Paway offers all the necessary tools to operate a successful dog walking business.

On the platform, you can find customers and accept payments.

Furthermore, Paway utilizes crowdsourced data to offer comprehensive neighborhood information. This includes critical details such as hazards like:


  • Wild animal sightings or strays.
  • Amenities such as public water sources and poop bag dispensers.
  • And even the temperament of dogs in the vicinity.


Moreover, Paway offers six months of its highest-level “expert” membership for free to dog walkers because it’s still new in the industry.

Following that, you can utilize their free basic membership with no commission, and there are paid membership tiers that range from $20 to $80 per month.





Swifto, with its elite reputation, has a place on this list, albeit only in New York City and Miami.

Swifto caters to high-end dog walkers and boasts of accepting just 1% of applicants. If accepted, you can start making money as a dog walker immediately.

However, be prepared to complete at least 15 dog walks each week, as this is a requirement.

Nevertheless, this means that you won’t have to waste time searching for clients when starting out.

With Swifto, you can be assured of work and a few hundred extra dollars each week.

Once you’ve started, you can walk up to 40 dogs each week. Swifto has you covered with its comprehensive insurance policy, so you can walk with peace of mind.





Holidog, a dog walking app, is making strides in the US, Europe, Brazil, and Australia as a global player in the industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring newbie or a seasoned professional, Holidog is an entry-level platform that offers an affordable and straightforward way to kickstart your dog walking career.

The platform doesn’t require you to pass any background checks or tests to get started.

All you need to do is sign up, fill out your profile and provide your essential details, and you’re good to go!

What sets Holidog apart from other platforms is that dog walkers are not charged any membership fees or commission fees for using the platform.

Instead, pet owners are charged a fee to access the platform, making it a cost-effective option for newbies and industry professionals alike.

However, the question of safety often arises since Holidog does not conduct background checks on its dog walkers.

Rest assured, Holidog offers robust safety features that ensure the safety of pets and dog walkers.

For example, the platform offers a chat function that allows pet owners to discuss job details with potential dog walkers, and a rating system that enables both parties to give feedback on their experience.

These features, coupled with Holidog’s no-fee policy for dog walkers, make it a compelling option for anyone looking to launch or grow their dog walking business.





PetSitter, a seasoned player in the pet care app market, has garnered an impeccable reputation for reliability and trustworthiness by providing years of consistent service. Dog walkers have remained associated with the app for extended periods, indicating their exceptional skills with canines.

However, PetSitter’s inability to keep pace with changing trends is noticeable. Unlike most of its peers,

PetSitter does not possess an app of its own, and one must utilize their website for any bookings.

While their website is user-friendly, it does present a minor nuisance.

Furthermore, PetSitter does not exercise the same level of scrutiny in screening their walkers as some of its competitors, leading some pet owners to question the competence of their hired walkers.

PetSitter may be considered an original founding member of the online dog-walking industry, but newer, more advanced apps have overtaken it in the market.

Consequently, pet owners might prefer opting for one of the newer, more reliable apps over PetSitter.





Gudog is a well-established dog walking app with a reputation for reliability and exceptional customer service.

A background check and proof of experience with dogs are necessary to become a Gudog walker.

Set your rates and schedule to start providing dog owners in your area with trustworthy and dependable walking services.





When it comes to hiring a dog walker, the person you choose will ultimately have a greater impact on your experience than the app or service you use to find them.

However, if you want to increase your chances of finding a quality walker, we recommend turning to one of the more established apps like Rover or Wag!.

These services offer easy screening of walkers, scheduling and payment options, and a large pool of walkers to choose from.

While it’s possible to find excellent walkers on lesser-known apps, it will require more effort on your part and may provide less protection in case of issues.



In conclusion


Dog walking apps offer a fantastic opportunity for animal lovers to earn while they walk dogs.

Whether you want to supplement your income or simply enjoy spending time with dogs, these apps can help you find paid dog walking jobs in your vicinity.

Get started by signing up for one of these apps, set your rates and availability, and begin accepting requests from dog owners in your area.



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